Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Factor to Consider Regarding Disability Insurance

I was discussing our Disability plan with a member the other day and mentioned that a factor to consider regarding disability coverage is that if you pay the premiums yourself, versus having them paid by your law firm, your monthly benefits may be paid to you, tax free. (We do encourage you to confirm this with your tax adviser.) This means if you are currently paying the premium for a $10,000 monthly benefit amount and experience a qualifying disability you would receive that full monthly benefit payment. However, if you have the same benefit amount, but your law firm pays the premium, it is possible you may be taxed on the benefit received. Consult your tax adviser for more information. I encourage you to learn more about Long-Term Disability Insurance exclusively for ABA members, which can provide up to $12,000/month in replacement income in the event of a covered disabling illness or injury. You can also email or call me at 800-621-8491 ext. 6419 or comment below so we can discuss.

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