Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Do I "ladder" My Life Insurance?

A member called the other day and mentioned his increased financial obligation as his child begins college. I offered to provide information on ABE-sponsored group 10-year level term life insurance coverage, which may compliment his existing ABE-sponsored group 20-year level term life insurance. This would afford him additional protection during this period of increased financial responsibility. This practice, called laddering - can provide increased protection during a period of time when you may need it most. Premiums remain level for the length of the term of coverage, and by laddering your coverage, you have the security of knowing you have protection for your family at an affordable cost. Whatever your current circumstance, make sure you have adequate insurance protection to help meet your family’s financial needs. Comments on laddering your life insurance? We would like to hear from you!! Just post a response to my blog.

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