Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Importance of Insuring Children at an Early Age

An insured called me today to add her newborn baby to her ABE-sponsored Excess Major Medical insurance plan.  I congratulated her on the birth of her child and applauded her for realizing the importance of insuring children as soon as possible.  If you are currently insured with the ABE-sponsored Excess Major Medical insurance plan, your newborn is automatically insured for the first 31 days, but you must notify us in writing if you want to add them to your policy.  No underwriting is required if you notify us within 31 days of birth, and your newborn will be covered immediately. Make sure you have the peace of mind knowing that your children will have supplemental medical coverage in case of a catastrophic accident or illness as soon as possible.  Leave your comments about child insurance coverage here.  

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