Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tax Man Cometh…

Tax time can be stressful for many but it can also be a reminder to properly watch over financial affairs. It can be a time to reflect on how expenses are paid and if cash flow needs are planned for appropriately. As an example, in a review of expenses and cash flow, you may find that it would be helpful to pay an expense in smaller regular payments rather than paying annually in a lump sum. If this financial planning tactic is something that appeals to you, you might want to consider the ABE’s Automatic Payment Plan as an option for budgeting your insurance premiums. When using this option, the 12-month insurance premium is divided by 12 and paid in smaller monthly payments; there are no “service charges” added because you pay monthly. These monthly payments are then automatically deducted from the savings or checking account you designate instead of sending a check through the mail. Not only is this a way to save time and postage, but it’s an easy way to manage your finances. If you would like more information, call me today at (312) 988-6420.

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