Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good News for Members Turning 65

Reaching age 65 opens access to basic health coverage through Medicare. If you are age 65 and currently in ABE’s Excess Major Medical (EMM) Plan I, you may want to consider transferring to our EMM Plan II on your 65th birthday when you enroll in Medicare. The ABE-sponsored EMM Plan II is designed to be a supplemental plan to a basic medical plan and Medicare is a basic health plan. Best of all, this plan usually costs less than the ABE-sponsored EMM Plan I. Plus, we make it easy. There’s no additional underwriting to transfer plans. If you are age 65 or older, call me today at 1-800-621-8981, ext. 6420 to talk about your option to transfer plans.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Father's Day: Get an Ugly Tie, Give Financial Security

This is your day, Dad. How do you want to celebrate it? Father’s Day is an ideal time for men to think about their health. Why?

Memories. Good ones, of course. Seeing your son zip to first base for his first hit. Walking your daughter arm-in-arm down the aisle. Cradling your first grandchild. All of these moments transcend, becoming generational narratives much the same way a cherished heirloom, passed from father to son, tells a story.

But imagine if your poor health didn’t allow you to share in these consecrated events. Being a proud papa also means being a healthy papa. So why not give yourself and your family every chance to spend these irretrievable capsules of time by being in the best shape possible this Father's Day? Whether you're out taking a leisurely family bike ride or just playing catch with your grandson, you are creating yet another happy and, perhaps, life-long picture in the mind's eye.

Sure, coming to grips with your own mortality is not an easy thing to do. Still, by living healthfully as you possibly can, life, not death, comes into focus. Purchasing life insurance works in a similar fashion: by handing off the "life baton" you're, in effect, extending the quality of life for your family when you're not around.

So contact your ABE Personal Insurance Representative. By doing so, you will be taking the first steps in making sure these good memories carry on even when you cannot.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

How Much Monthly Income Would You Need If You Were Unable to Practice?

In the event of a disabling accident or illness, you want to be sure you have adequate disability income insurance so that your monthly income can continue to pay the bills and support your family’s lifestyle. You want to be sure your disability income monthly benefits would provide for up to two-thirds of your monthly income. In addition, if you have a disability income plan at your firm, you may be taxed on the benefits if you do not pay the insurance premiums yourself. Concerned that disability income is too expensive? Consider taking out a plan with a longer waiting period before benefits begin to be paid. Perhaps you have a short-term plan from your employer that will cover you for the first six months of disability. If that is the case, a long-term disability plan with a 6-month waiting period may be a cost-effective plan for you. The longer your waiting period, the lower your rate may be. Give me a call to discuss your specific situation at 1-800-621-8981, ext. 6420.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Disability Insurance for ABA Members

At ABE, we sponsor insurance plans that are truly ‘lawyers insurance for lawyers’. A good example of this is the definition of disability, including specialty of law, in our disability income plans. If you become disabled due to a covered illness or injury and are not able to practice your particular specialty of law, monthly benefits will be paid up to the first five years, even if you are well enough to practice in another specialty or profession. After the first five years of an approved disability, your monthly benefits will continue if you cannot perform the material duties of ANY gainful job for which you are reasonably fit by education, training or experience. Our members tell us this is one of the most important features of the disability program. Call me today at 1-800-621-8981, ext.6420 to discuss the ABE-sponsored disability income plan.