Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Capital City

As the capital city of the United States, there are plenty of interesting facts about Washington DC. Many people know that the White House is the place where the President and his family live. What many may not know is that is not its original name. Originally it was called the “President’s Palace” or “President’s House”. It was not until a Baltimore reporter referred to it as the “White House” in an article that the name actually caught on. It became so common that in 1901 President Theodore Roosevelt made it the official name. 

Another fascinating fact about Washington DC is that there are no skyscrapers there. Many believe the reason for this is that law dictates that no building may be taller than the Capitol, however there is another reason. In 1894 a law was passed restricting the heights of buildings because, at the time, firefighting equipment could not reach great heights. In 1989 the Height of Buildings Act passed in order to ensure that the city’s skyline would never be dominated by skyscrapers. As a result of these laws, the Capitol remains the tallest building in DC except for one; an apartment building built before the ‘89’ law went in to effect.

What are some interesting facts about the capital city of your state? Let us know!


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